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Bring your school community together to connect, communicate, and share learning in one place. Free, always!
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Why schools choose ClassDojo

One app
One place for all class and school communication. Plus, optional classroom management.
Family engagement
Communication that gets even the hardest-to-reach families involved.
Magic moments
Stories give families a window into the school day with photos and videos.
Teachers love us
Teachers love how easy it is to communicate and build relationships with families.
ClassDojo School perks
Everything you know and love about ClassDojo, plus extra schoolwide perks and support.
  • perk check iconDirectory Management support
  • perk check iconLive teacher & staff PD
  • perk check iconEarly-access to features
  • perk check iconExclusive swag

A central hub for your school 
that does it all

Communicate with teachers, families & staff anytime, anywhere—with read receipts, scheduling, and instant translations
Share photos, videos & updates on a private feed to give everyone a window into the school day—safely and securely
Encourage positive behavior and celebrate small wins with an easy, customizable classroom management system that kids love
Adding Events to the calendar is easy & keeps everyone in the loop with automatic reminders
Loved by all, all over the world


easiest-to-use and most-trustworthy communication platform,
 according to teachers.
Source: YouGov 2021 Market Landscape Study
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What is a ClassDojo School?open and close card arrow

A ClassDojo school is one that intends to use ClassDojo schoolwide to help their community stay connected—inside the classroom and out. Along with the convenience of having all your school communication in one place, ClassDojo Schools get access to sweet perks and exclusive swag!

How do I know if we’re ready to become a ClassDojo School?open and close card arrow

If you believe it takes a village for kids to flourish, you're in the right place! Becoming a ClassDojo School can help you strengthen a vibrant and thriving school community.

As a ClassDojo School, you'll have one shared place for the whole school community to connect and communicate. Each teacher has the freedom to individualize ClassDojo for their own classroom and the whole school can easily share updates between staff, parents, and students. And don't worry about roll-out and setup: we'll be there to help you every step of the way.

Is ClassDojo Schools really free?open and close card arrow

Yes! ClassDojo was founded with the vision of giving every child on Earth an education they love. To make sure every child can benefit, we’re committed to keeping everything 100% free for schools, forever. No catch, no extra fees, and no future charges. Ever.

How many teachers do you need to be a ClassDojo School?open and close card arrow

Schools of any size that have an intention of using ClassDojo schoolwide can become a ClassDojo School. You’ll maintain your status as a ClassDojo School so long as your school intends to continue to use ClassDojo schoolwide.

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